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Ashflo® offers a full range of chemical scrubber odour control systems engineered to treat malodorous gases emanating for municipal and industrial odor control.


Ashflo® Wet Chemical Scrubber (WCS) has been used successfully for odour control for many years. It offers the advantage of being able to treat various volumes of odorous gasses, up to 20,000 cfm in single or multiple stages. Multiple stages maybe placed in series to target ammonia, H2S and other odorous compounds.

WCS provides solutions to treat odours emanating from wastewater treatment plants, composting sites, and other industrial sites that generate odours. Caustic and bleach solutions treat hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other sulfur bearing compounds, indoles, skatoles, and other organic compounds.

Chemical OCU

Chemical Odour Control Systems (Chemical-Scrubber)








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