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Dissolved Air Floatation








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Ashflo Intl Ltd.


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Ashflo® UK 2016

Ashflo® dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems separate and remove suspended solids from liquids by attaching micro air bubbles to the suspended particles. Systems are available in circular designs measuring up to 50 feet in diameter, as standard. Customised units can be provided in sizes up to 100 feet in diameter. The wide range of sizes ensures the correct operational performance in the most economical construction. Circular units are equipped with a heavy-duty Ashflo® drive with overload protection. A variable speed drive or constant speed drive with adjustable timer is provided to control the float removal rate for maximum float concentration. Positive removal of non-floatable materials is achieved by a bottom-raking mechanism, driven by the same driver that operates the float skimmer. Ashflo® DAF units have a rugged design, providing low maintenance and operating costs. There are no stuffing boxes, underwater bearings or chains located below the liquid level.