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Industrial and Municipal Waste Waters contain various types of pollutants, such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved organic matter, fats and oils, nitrogen compounds, suspended solids, heavy metals, surfactants, and more.


Ashflo® designs, builds, and operates treatment plants fully complying with environmental regulations, meeting specific client needs and maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the investment. Ashflo® also supplies standardized, packaged industrial wastewater systems, which are easily transportable and can be installed at the site without any hassle. Packaged wastewater treatment systems can treat a range of wastewaters to match specified discharge limits.


Ashflo® offers a wide range of treatment solutions, depending on the wastewater characteristics:


-  Chemical-physical separation and clarification

-  Nitrogen and phosphorous treatment

-  Aerobic biological treatment

-  Anaerobic treatment

-  Tertiary treatment

-  Disinfection treatment



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